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Take a deep breath, bring your pet, and experience transformation in your life

Going to a physical office is not always an option. The dentist, physician, pharmacy can become a chore because of scheduling or traffic.  But modern technology allows therapy to reach further and help more. Any device with a web connection can be a portal to mental wellbeing. Therapy can be more than the psychological break that you require. It can be a pause, right where you are, in an overfull time. Online therapy can be a great way to access counseling with the ease, convenience, and comfort of your space: coffee, pets, and all.

As a specialist in trauma therapy and a certified EMDR practitioner, I have been helping people through online therapy on their schedule. If you have faced trauma or episodic distress, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) focuses on mitigating those traumatic memories to limit physiological triggers and any lingering negative emotions. EMDR reconfigures the way that your brain processes information, desensitizing maladaptive and traumatic memories from their strong negative emotions and the accompanying hypervigilance. It is like an emotional detoxification for memory.

The science of sleep shows that bilateral stimulation is created between the two hemispheres of our brain when you enter REM (rapid eye movement) sleep every night. To facilitate this same bilateral stimulation for the purpose of reprocessing, online therapists teach clients to create BLS through alternate tapping, eye movements, butterfly hug tapping, and a host of creative methodologies that mirrors what stimulates your brain. In a typical in-office session, therapists use handheld buzzers and eye movement machines or their own hands to stimulate this rapid eye movement. But with the proliferation of technology, this process can be done more conveniently online. If you feel like EMDR therapy can be a good fit for you, you can find an EMDR certified practitioner in your state at If you are a resident of Oklahoma or Texas, you can email me for more information at

Note: You can read more about the science of sleep in Matthew Walker’s new book “Why We Sleep”. You can also visit for the neurobiological research behind the efficacy of EMDR.

Tulsa Trauma Counselor

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