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 About Us

 About Us

Beautiful Minds Project – Trauma Teams are deployed through the Beautiful Minds Project Academy for Trauma Studies and Disaster Response. Teams are designed and deployed base don need to bring practical and culturally relevant healing programs, education and training to populations suffering from psychological and emotional trauma caused by war conflict, natural disasters, poverty, sexual abuse, and injustice.

Through teams of clinical trauma specialists and professionals within the areas of international community development, international business and marketing, and other specialties, we create strategic resiliency programs that target the needs of populations served.

We serve refugees, orphans, child soldiers, victims of human trafficking, and communities who desire to be equipped in growing emotional and psychological resilience in the face of human and natural disasters.

Do you want to come with us? Be prepared for deployments and upcoming trips by taking the trainings with the Academy for Trauma Studies and Disaster Response,

Current projects are stationed in war zones so they are closed. New Projects will be posted soon!




January 26th and 27th, 2024 8:30 AM– 4:30 PM MOUNTAIN TIME ZONE – IN PERSON AND VIRTUAL

Towards Professional Resilience! Compassion Stress Management and Compassion Fatigue Practitioner- Learn to combat toxic stress, prevent and resolve burnout and so much more! 

(This is a required training for Beautiful Minds Project Trauma Team and to be eligible for deployment. Fulfills training requirement for the Green Cross Compassion Fatigue Educator Certification and the Compassion Fatigue Therapist Certification)


March 15th and 16th, 2024 8:30 AM– 5:00 PM MOUNTAIN TIME ZONE – IN PERSON AND VIRTUAL

Disaster Trauma (Field Traumatology Course)

(This is a required training for Beautiful Minds Project Trauma Team and to be eligible for deployment.  Fulfills training requirement for the Green Cross Field Traumatologist and Clinical Traumatologist Certification)



The Avengers- Ukraine Trauma Team: 

Dr. Alina Garbuz, Dr. Joshua Kreimeyer, and Jason Ledlie, LPC are heading back to Ukraine in May 2024.  They will be working with numerous organizations, first responders, internally displaced, and refugees by conducting experiential Psychological First Aid/Disaster Trauma trainings and trauma intensive retreats.

Project Cameroon:

Dr. Alina Garbuz and Dr. Kirstin Dolby are working with Dr. Delphine Fanfon in Yaoundé, Cameroon with

Project Asia: Details will be disclosed soon.

 Our Why

 Our Why

Beautiful Minds Project was born out of a need for international human aid that focuses primarily on psychological and emotional healing, health, and wellbeing. Secondarily we focus on equipping with education and training tools that will empower and build resilience within the traumatized populations. Our teams are multi-level professionally competent and culturally equipped to integrate practice, technique, and methods that are efficacious and innovative. For more information contact

 Professional Teams

 Professional Teams

Teams are designed and put together based on the need assessment of the requesting site. Programs are uniquely created and designed to accommodate the site, per cultural context, population, and psychological and mental health needs.

If you would like to request a team or make a recommendation for a site project, please contact Alina at

 Our Team

 Our Team

We would not be able to do what we do without the support and sacrifice of a faithful team. Day in and day out, they are focusing on helping change lives around the world.

Meet The Team
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