Group and Individual Intensives

Group and Individual sessions that help you grow through the hardest parts of your past.

Individual and Group Trauma and Wellness Intensives in Colorado Springs

Retreat to Colorado Springs for 2-5 days and work with Dr. Alina Garbuz.

Come for an individual intensive, join a planned group intensive, or bring a group from your organization for an intensive. Intensives are tailor made for both individuals and groups, including prices and length of intensive.

Individual intensives are designed to give clients an option to retreat and focus on healing trauma through intensive trauma psychotherapy in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. In between marathon sessions, clients have the option of hiking dozens of beautiful trails and finding rest away from busy lives. Individual intensives range from 15-30 hours, Thursday to Sunday, $2,600-$6,000.

Group intensives are designed around the needs of the organization bringing a group and specialized groups, including suicide loss survivors, sexual abuse, trauma, veterans, and first responders. Group intensives begin Wednesdays and end Saturday, 30 hours of group process, $2,750 per person (lodging and food provided for groups only).  Email Dr. Alina Garbuz for more information.

If you are interested, an in-depth assessment will be conducted to ensure preparedness. Dr. Garbuz designs client-specific, holistic, and experiential treatment plans that focus on reprocessing traumatic and pathogenic memories while moving the client towards integration, inner resolve, and emotional, mental, spiritual, and relational wellness.

Dr. Garbuz integrates multiple modalities into an experiential long weekend through the integration of Brain Health Assessment and Coaching, EMDR, Psychodrama, Somatic Experiencing, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and Attachment-Focused Trauma Therapies. Schedule an intensive for an experience of a lifetime!

Specialized Three Day Group Intensives:

Group Intensives are designed to create an environment of emotional and relational repair as participants look closer at their stories. Through experiential techniques, members will build new strategies to be with themselves and others in the world. Through specialized groups, members will face the hardest stories of life to create new meaning and purpose. Are you ready to step into a life-changing experience? Register to join a scheduled Group or Request to customize the group and dates for your own organization.

Email Dr. Alina to discuss bringing a group or to join a specialized group. Four-day group intensives are typically offered on a Monday to Thursday 2-6 pm schedule. For a customized time, please email Dr. Alina Garbuz at

Active Groups

Ukrainian/Russian Support Group–

This virtual group is for Ukrainian and Russian people ages 15 and older experiencing distress from the Ukraine-Russia War. Group meets once a month for fellowship, psychoeducation, brain health coaching and processing of distressful events associated with the war. Please email Dr. Garbuz at if you have questions. Group is $25/session and open so you can join any monthly session. No commitment required.

Upcoming sessions: May 8, 2024, June 5th, 2024, July 3rd-  6:00pm MT – 7:30pm MT

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