Trauma Intensives

Group and Individual sessions that help you grow through the hardest parts of your past.

Intensive Individual and Group Trauma Weekends in Colorado Springs

Retreat to Colorado Springs for a 2-3 day weekend and spend 15-25 hours working with Dr. Alina Garbuz.

Individual intensives are designed to give clients an option to retreat and focus on healing trauma through intensive trauma psychotherapy in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. In between marathon sessions, clients have the option of hiking dozens of beautiful trails and finding rest away from busy lives.

If you are interested, an in-depth assessment will be conducted to ensure preparedness. Dr. Garbuz designs client-specific, holistic, and experiential treatment plans that focus on reprocessing traumatic and pathogenic memories while moving the client towards integration, inner resolve, and emotional, mental, spiritual, and relational wellness.

Dr. Garbuz integrates multiple modalities into an experiential weekend through the integration of Brain Health Assessment and Coaching, EMDR, Psychodrama, Somatic Experiencing, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and Attachment-Focused Trauma Therapies. Schedule an intensive for an experience of a lifetime!

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Specialized Three Day Group Intensives:

Suicide Loss Survivors and Traumatic Bereavement

Group Intensives for Suicide Loss Survivors and Traumatic Bereavement are designed for those who have lost a loved one to suicide, homicide, war, and natural or human-made disasters. Current studies show there are qualitative differences in grieving a traumatic loss as compared to other forms of loss.
Dr. Garbuz designed a traumatic bereavement intensive retreat program that helps grievers create a strong foundation for ongoing grief.
Suicide Loss Survivors
This program integrates psychoeducation about suicide loss, facing unresolved issues with the loved one, reprocessing pathogenic and traumatic memories associated with the type of death, exploring and creating continuing bonds, and more. Weekends are scheduled according to need.
Please email Dr. Garbuz for more information.
War and Disaster Survivors
This group focuses on working with survivors of war, refugees, and those who have experienced a natural or human-made disaster.
Please email Dr. Garbuz for more information.
Veterans, Military, and First-Responders Traumatic Bereavement Intensive
This intensive group focuses on military personnel and first responders. Please email Dr. Garbuz for more information.
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