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Life presents us with unending potential for stress and anxiety, this is not the end for you.

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Life Doesn’t Need to Feel So Out of Control

Dr. Alina Garbuz, PhD is a Clinical Trauma Specialist, EMDRIA Certified EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapist with specialties in PTSD,  Complex Trauma, Attachment and Relational Trauma, Suicide Bereavement, Disaster Trauma and International Trauma. She has Certificates in Neuroscience, Brain Health Coaching, and Professional Life Coaching. Along with highly specialized trauma treatment, she loves working with college students, integrating intensive coaching with trauma treatment to build strong lives.  Her primary focus is to help you develop the tools necessary to overcoming the emotional barriers holding you from operating in hopeful peace about your life.

A Healthy You Makes A Healthy World

By investing in yourself through therapy and coaching, you are actively making the world around you a better place. A healthier you directly effects the health of those around you.

Here’s how my therapy works:

  • Strong connection to a counselor that you trust.
  • A whole person approach including a plan for brain health, trauma/emotional distress reprocessing, performance enhancement, and life coaching.
  • Build the skills necessary to continually process life in a healthy manner.
  • Receive empathy, unconditional acceptance, and guidance from someone with the skill set to help you overcome your burdens.
  • Have sessions over the phone or on video calls,  that allow you to more easily move on to the rest of your day. Office sessions available in certain locations. 
  • Receive all documentation through secure online portal.
  • Plan a hopeful future.

Your Story Doesn’t End Here

As a Ukrainian refugee, the trauma journey is a familiar road for me. It’s a road full of despair and grief that leads you to meaning, purpose, and joy. On the other side of pain is beauty. Take the journey and lets get your life to where you feel in control, happy and healthy.

As a trauma specialist with 9 years of private practice and working with trauma for 15 years within hospital and community settings, I want to guide you through the necessary steps to experiencing healing and wholeness in every area of life.

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