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Tulsa Coping Counseling

Dr. Alina Garbuz

Founder, Psychological Traumatalogist

Alina Garbuz, PhD, LPC, CCTP is a licensed professional counselor and certified trauma professional who runs her private practice, Beautiful Minds Counseling, Coaching, and Consulting, PLLC in Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado. Alina predominately works with children and adults who have experienced complex trauma, relational trauma, and trauma from the effects of long term psychological and physical abuse and neglect.

“I moved to the USA as refugee from Eastern Europe in 1995.  Growing up within the context of cultural and religious psychological trauma from communist oppression and the difficulties and effects of being a refugee, I made it my pursuit to study and understand ways to heal trauma and to bring resilience to vulnerable people groups. When you are a refugee kid, you have no one home, so the world becomes your home. Everything and everywhere becomes possible. I have been traveling abroad and working with different social groups for 17 years. Some of my favorite experiences have been working with orphans in Guatemala, Tartar refugees in Ukraine, and doing several educational trips to Africa.”

Tulsa Suicidal Counselor

Dr. Kelly James

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional/Educator

Kelly James, PhD, Licensed Professional Counselor, Approved LPC Supervisor, National Board Certified Counselor (NCC), Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP), Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor, and a trained EMDR Therapist is in full-time private practice having worked in the mental health field for over 18 years; working with a variety of clientele including children, adolescents, individual adults, and families.

James specializes in providing counseling to individuals who have experienced trauma, parenting skills training, and working with children with challenging behaviors including anger, ADHD, opposition, and defiance, and children going through divorce.

James received a doctorate from Regent University, School of Psychology and Counseling, two Master of Arts degrees from Oral Roberts University – Licensed Professional Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy, and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Arkansas. In addition to full-time private practice, James is an assistant adjunct professor at Oral Roberts University and Southern Nazarene University teaching a variety of classes in the graduate counseling programs, and a Play Therapy in Italy institute affiliate faculty member.

Tulsa Brain Health Counselor

Brooke Parks


Brooke Parks serves as a leader at The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM), an international nonprofit that works with persecuted Christians. VOM actively works in more than 68 nations, completing more than 1,600 international projects each year. Brooke has traveled to and served in over 20 different nations. She is also a voice for the persecuted church in the United States, sharing their stories to inspire others to a deeper commitment to Christ and the great commission.

“Growing up in a small town in the Mid-West, I always desired to see more of the world, and wanted so badly for there to be more to life than the “American Dream.” My first time overseas was to Uganda for a month and ever since then something shifted inside of me. I fell in love in with other cultures and the belief that we are stronger together rather than apart. Each person was placed on this planet to fulfill a specific purpose and no matter the suffering and darkness that is present in our world, the light can always be stronger. I believe deeply that no person, situation or place is beyond hope, healing and redemption.”

Tulsa Generational Trauma Counselor

Bobby Parks

Founder of More than A Game, Director

Bobby Parks was formerly the Director of the Missions and Outreach Program at Oral Roberts University where he oversaw over fifty student teams to more than 40 different countries, over 20 local outreaches, all involving thousands of students. During his time, Bobby equipped the program for better student development, contact investment and field impact, becoming a strategic short term investment to long term work with various partners all across the globe. Bobby currently serves as the Executive Spiritual Formation Officer for a family of for-profit companies in the Dallas area where he oversees their mission and giving efforts, helps to pastor and lead the staff, and provides leadership development. Bobby also founded and leads the nonprofit More Than A Game; a ministry that uses soccer as a tool to bring hope and sustainability to refugees. Bobby has lived in Brazil and travelled to and served in over 25 different nations.

Tulsa Family Trauma Counselor

Maggie Payne

Project Manager, Developer and Researcher

Maggie graduated from Oral Roberts University with a major in International/Community Development and a minor in Spanish. After college she spent time in Costa Rica tutoring English to 1st-5th grade students. She has also spent time working at two different churches in a myriad of positions. Maggie helped do the preliminary research for a non-profit organization that works with victims of human trafficking in Lesotho, Africa. She loves people and experiencing other cultures. Together with her husband Matt, she likes to develop leaders and see people become healthy and whole – body, soul, and spirit.

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