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Imagine what you want. Imagine it vividly. Your relationship. Your identity. Your business, work, or profession. Imagine it in detail. Paint the canvas of your imagination in watercolors. Use all your senses to create a living, moving picture in your mind. See, hear, smell, taste, and touch the dream you have for your life.

A vision for what we want is like a guiding light that informs all our decisions, lighting the way one step at a time. It counsels our wanderings. It inspires our longings. It lifts us up to see the bigger picture, the greater perspective in the every day, every moment. A vision is like a compass, directing how we choose. Wisdom in our ears. Insight in our guts.

Take a moment to consider the chaos, the uncertainty, the fear and panic of this time. Maybe you have been laid off, maybe you hate being alone, maybe the bottle is calling your name because you feel overwhelmed, maybe the calories are your only way of feeling good. Maybe you are just afraid and don’t know what to do. During this time of Coronavirus news all around us, notice what decisions or behaviors, words or thoughts, you are choosing.

When there is panic, uncertainty, fear, we tend to forget the big vison, the compass that leads our lives, and we resort to making decisions created on the fear-based information of the moment. Yet this is a mistake that can cost us dearly. So how do we help ourselves during this time?

Revisit your vision. Reconnect with the purpose. Maybe you have never built a vision, so you feel lost and driftless. Maybe you forgot about your vision. Your vision is a compass that guides your steps. Here are a few questions you can think about and journal to help you get started. You can also use them as a reminder.

Instructions: Tell your brain what you want. Your brain will go in the direction of your focus. So focus on the wants and not on what you do not want.

  1. What do I daydream about. What do I want. What do I imagine for my life. Now take a few moments to imagine what you want for your relationship, your career, yourself, and any other theme in your life. Include all your five senses. Allow yourself to fully imagine what it is that you want. Here are some themes you can focus on: Relationships (Spouse, Friends, Children, Family), Work/School/Profession, Finances (short and long term), and Self (Physical, Emotional, Physical).
  2. Journal, Create a Vision Board. Have fun doing this activity with your family. Talk about your vision and wants often. Your behavior will match what you spend time thinking about.

If you find yourself stuck and in need of help, therapy and coaching are available through phone sessions or video conferencing. Just send us an email at or call us at 918-558-2465. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, we will work with you and help you out.

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