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Having transitioned into online therapy full-time, Beautiful Minds will now be serving Texas residents!

Our main hope for the pivot away from brick and mortar and into telemedicine was to open our accessibility to those beyond commuting range of our main offices. Our therapy offerings are highly specialized, focusing well beyond the symptomatic. We strive to access and evaluate the root issues of each client’s individual mental health. And while we focus on the main causes of trauma (psychological, generational, adverse childhood experiences, even concussive and sub concussive) the treatment plans that guide the therapeutic process are to heal and enhance. And that system, our hope, is universal. Regardless of physical illness, proximity, or an assortment of mental health issues that could prevent mobility. And we make this effort, including expanding into Texas, to bring mental health to everyone. The tired, the overwhelmed, the overworked and overlooked. Therapy is a connection to a better world. And we strive to connect to the most in the most noninvasive way possible.

We are so pleased to officially offer our services to every in Oklahoma and (now!) Texas.

Oklahoma Licensure LPC 5861

Texas Licensure LPC 82206

Tulsa Trauma Counselor

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