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Hello! Beautiful Minds, Beautiful Lives PLLC is making some improvements.

We are changing our legal name to Beautiful Minds Counseling, Coaching, and Consulting PLLC to represent the totality of services now offered. And, starting in July 2019, we are fully transitioning into a TeleMental Healthcare (online counseling/therapy) service. This means the clinician and the client are able to be in different locations while meeting over the Patient Portal, using technology to communicate. 

Why is Telemental Health the future?

There are several great benefits to Telemental Health; primary among them is convenience! Clients can spend just as much time driving to the session, as they do with their counselor. Telemental Health makes it far easier to schedule appointments in a flexible and modern way! Online therapy can also aid finding the right counselor for you. You may be looking for a specialist not available in your town. Too far removed from your personal or peripheral circle, or simply not offered. Confidentiality and privacy are incredibly important and telemental health allows for clients to find both privacy and specialty outside of their communities. Continuity of care is important in a therapeutic relationship. Telemental health also allows for you to stay with your therapists as life grows and changes. When we move, go off to college, travel for work, or even find our week too busy to commute to a practice!  

Video and Telephone Communication (All the Details!)

Beautiful Minds Counseling, Coaching, and Consulting will conduct services over a HIPAA secure video and phone platform through AdvancedMD. Each client will have their own patient portal through which they will be able to schedule appointments, fill out forms, take assessments, and send messages to their counselor. This change will take effect in June for new clients, and in July for current clients. If you have any questions, please email Alina at

Tulsa Trauma Counselor

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